Geometry module 1 Activity

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There is a need for students to understand and be able to construct geometric figures using a compass and straightedge.

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Students need to understand and be able to construct geometric figures using a compass and a straight edge. I chose argument A, because I think, that even though a student might not need geometry in their life it is important to know the basics. Every construction in the world is linked to geometry and in order to use a computer sofware we should at least know how to use a compass and a straight edge. Geometry classes will always be necessary, but what if the only requirement was to do everything on a compuer program.Students wouldn’t the work but a computer. In real life constructions I consider it is better to use a compass and a straight edge rather than a computer because sometimes computers are not useful in real life situations.


Knowing how to use these two tools is important because if students don’t understand the program or at least the basic concepts on how to use it, then they are limited to what they know about the program, and this might lead them to fail. If students don’t know basic concepts athey might not indentify a mistake made by the computer and if there’s a little mistake the construction will be wrong. Another reason I think that this is a worse method is because every student does not have a computer, a compass and straightedge are much more affordable. Also computers sometimes fail but  learning how to use a compass and straightedge it’s very easy, therefore a computer is not needed.

According to John M. Grohol, PsyD in the article ” Why realiance on technology is a bad thing” we have all become dependent upon technology which isn’t a good thing. This society still isn’t  a computarized society , which means that we are not using computers for everything therefore we still have a need to learn basic constructions. A person should be require to learn this because of the dependence we have  upon technology we won’t stop using it no matter what happens, however, what happens if the system crashes? we are required to be able to do it by hand. Our earth resources are something we should also take into consideration, our natural resources might not be there our whole lives which means that our electricy must be limited but electricity is the engine of technology,if we depend on technology the world will collapse if there is a shortage of electricity.

As it is stated on the website ””“The first proportional compasses were invented in the sixteenth century.”  Since the Greeks first began constructing geometric figures using the compass and straightedge, all of the constructions made by the Greeks are perfect, if they knew how to use these tools how can we be so ignorant and dependent on technology. Throughout the years we have been using these tools there is not really a valid reason on why should this stop. If students stop learning to use these basic tools what could we expect to come on the future?, using computers also lets the cheating door open when a student doesn’t know how do something it’s easy to pay someone to do it for them therefore not acquiring this basic knowledge. I do agree technology is good for some things it should not be used as way to teach geometry, in my opinion it encourages laziness.



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